Professional Certification Program (Industrial)

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Sertifikasi Profesional IndustriChallenges in the era of globalization and competitive market demand durability and competitiveness of a group, community, organization and country in the form of the development of human resources as intellectual assets become one of the important factors in favor of productivity and competitive advantage. Strategic human resource development is a requirement for any organization to align training programs with organizational strategy.

In addition, human resource development requires synergistic blend between aspects of learning (learning) and aspects of performance (performance). To that end, the development of human resources through training programs in the workplace requires an infrastructure and facilities are Training Center. To aplication efforts to improve learning and performance, we need a standard of professional competence, especially for the training manager to manage the training center within an organization.

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Student Competency Test

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Uji Kompetensi SiswaProductive practice competency exams for students / learners are implementing competency-based assessment to obtain recognition of his ability, because productive competency exam is an opportunity to showcase the ability of its control and promotion of work in front of the testers from the business / industry, experts in the field as well as professional associations.

Students are said to pass the competency test if it is to implement a competency test expertise include competency test practice and competency test the theory. Competency test the theory used to measure students' knowledge and understanding, while the practice competency test is used to measure a student's ability. Place the implementation of a competency test can be carried out in schools, industry and in the partner institutions are declared eligible by the local government. Schools that can not meet the requirements of implementing a competency test can work with the industry or join bergambung with other schools that already meet the requirements establish a competency test. In addition to verifying a competency test execution, test organizers competence should also verify equipment, standardization testers, testers both internal and external examiners and detailed cost calculation competency test.

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Teacher Certification Program

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Program Sertifikasi GuruWhat is a certified teacher? Teacher certification is the process of granting certificates to the teacher educators. Teaching certificate awarded to teachers who have met the professional standards of teachers. Professional teacher is a necessary condition for creating systems and practices of quality education. What is a teaching certificate? Educator certificate is a certificate signed by the certification of the college as a formal proof of teacher professionalism recognition given to teachers as professionals.

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SMAW 4G (Pipe) Welding (40 hours)

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SMAW 3G (Pipe) Welding (40 hours)

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SMAW 2G (Pipe) Welding (40 hours)

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SMAW 1G (Pipe) Welding (40 hours)

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