Mechanic Manufacturing

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Mekanik ManufakturThe manufacturing industry is a process that is part of the branch of industry that uses modern equipment such as industrial machinery, regular programs and scalable management to transform raw materials into finished goods and worth selling. The stages in the manufacturing industry requires a process to produce and integration of various components used.

Manufacturing industry is more intended for a company that is relatively modern, in which there has been through the stages of complex procedures, the integration of the component with the other and produce the number of giant and is intended for commercialization.

Some industries such as steel, have used the term fabrication. Where in the manufacturing sector is very closely related to engineering techniques and developments.

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Field Industrial Practice

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Praktek Kerja IndustriPRAKERIN (Field Industrial Work Practices) is an education which the training and learning are carried out in the world of business or industry that is relevant to the competence (ability) of students according to their field. In the implementation is done with certain procedures, for students who are aiming for an internship somewhere workplace, both the corporate world and in the industrialized world at least already have basic skills for the field that they do.

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Digital Printing & Video Editing Training

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pelatihan digital printing dan video editingCurrently documentation in the form of multimedia digital camera and camcorder has been widely used in various instances. This multimedia documentation has advantages such as efficient and can be further processed for various purposes. In making visual communications media in the form of goods of printing and interactive multimedia, requires supporting data such as photographs and videos. Besides the photos and videos can also be shown independently on events and exhibitions.

Training Digital Photography (Digital Photography) and Video Editing aims to equip computer graphics and multimedia capabilities of participants. Training Training Digital Photography and Video Editing specifically examine the operation and image retrieval using digital cameras and camcorders professional, and editing using a computer.

After training Digital Photography and Video Editing is expected participants to master the digital camera and camcorder with both the operating techniques, shooting and editing using a computer. Can create documentation in the form of video and photography well.

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Underwater Wet Welding

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Underwater Wet Welding devoted to the training of welding specialists in water are widely used in:

  • Maintenance & Repair on the floating structure, eg merchant ships, passengers, and ship travel.
  • Floating Production, Storage & Off Loading.

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Business and Technology Incubator

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Pusat inkubator Bisnis dan TeknologiBusiness and Technology Incubator (INBISTEK) in Solo Technopark is designed to be a multipurpose incubator. The purpose of INBISTEK is to develop technology-based entrepreneurial spirit (techno) college graduates, young people, and other growing new businesses from new business creation and use of research development and protoype of training institutions and universities in the region Surakarta.

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Basic Aircraft Structure Training

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Basic Aircraft Structure Training is a program of education and training in collaboration between Solo Tecnopark with PT Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) Aero Asia. Training held for nine (9) months, with the division schedules, education and training for 6 months performed in Solo Technopark and the next 3 months housed in GMF Aero Asia.

Education and training is a form of agreement between the City Government (Government) Surakarta and GMF Aero Asia, for the supply of competent technicians, skilled, and competent for aircraft maintenance. Along with the growth of the aircraft maintenance industry continues to increase, so this becomes a great opportunity for GMF Aero Asia to develop the aircraft maintenance industry.

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Regular Training and Education

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Regular Training & Education is a process by which people reach a certain ability to help achieve the expected goals. Therefore, the process is bound to a variety of destinations that can be viewed in a narrow or broad. Limited, the training provides participants with specific knowledge and skills that can be known and used in their current job. Sometimes there are limits drawn between training and development, the development of which are broader in scope and focus on the individual to achieve new capabilities that are useful both for work now and in the future.

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