Regular Training and Education

Regular Training & Education is a process by which people reach a certain ability to help achieve the expected goals. Therefore, the process is bound to a variety of destinations that can be viewed in a narrow or broad. Limited, the training provides participants with specific knowledge and skills that can be known and used in their current job. Sometimes there are limits drawn between training and development, the development of which are broader in scope and focus on the individual to achieve new capabilities that are useful both for work now and in the future.

General purpose Regular training is as follows:

  1. To develop skills, so that the work can be completed more quickly and more effectively
  2. To develop the knowledge, so that the work can be completed in a rational
  3. To develop the attitudes, giving rise to a willingness to cooperate with friends of employees and the management (leadership)

While the components of the training consists of:

  1. Goals and objectives of training and development must be clear and can be measured
  2. The coach (trainer) should be adequately qualified experts (professional)
  3. Training materials and development must be adapted to the objectives to be achieved
  4. Participants of the training and development (trainers) must meet the requirements specified

In the development of training programs, so that training can be beneficial and profitable necessary stages or steps are systematic. In general there are three stages in the training that needs assessment phase, the implementation phase of training, and evaluation stages. Or in other terms no training planning phase, implementation phase of training, and post-training phase.


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