Main Zone Area

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Solo Technopark region consists of 3 main zones, such as:

  1. Zone 1: Training and Business Incubation
  2. Zone 2: Information Technology and Research Development
  3. Zone 3: Trading and Industry

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The Triple Helix Model of Innovation

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The Triple-Helix Model Innovation introduced by Etzkowitz and Leydersdorff. This model emphasizes the role and the close relationship between the three actors, such as the government, industry and university (academic) or known as "ABG". University (academics) can become a leader of innovation in the knowledge-based economy, while the NIS ( National Innovation System ) emphasized the importance of the role of the company in innovation. Rearrangement of the relationship ABG in Triple-Helix is the result of communication and expectations on the level of networking (Etzkowitz and Leydersdorff, 2000).

The relationship that appears in the Triple Helix, generally stems from efforts to solve problems and generate strategies when faced with the problem of innovation, rather than determined from a certain pattern. Through this interaction process there will be a change of actors and roles that they do (Leydersdorff, 2000). Start from this, the triple-helix pattern of innovation is dynamic over the time changing.

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Solo Techno Park Master Plan

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The following image represents the design of development and construction of Solo Technopark area in the future time, in accordance with the planned program.

Solo Technopark Master Plan

  1. Main Entrance
  2. Park and Sculpture
  3. Main Access Road
  4. Bridge
  5. Main Building (Sky Tower)
  6. Industrial Building
  7. Solo Trade & Expo Center Building
  8. Underwater Wet Welding Pool Building
  9. Research and Development Building
  10. Teaching Factory Building
  11. Science and Tech Demo Center Building
  12. Industrial Building

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Upcoming Condition Expected

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Upcoming Condition

When the entire infrastructure development of Solo Technopark area has been finished, it needs to be balanced with the management of institutional capacity building managers.

The existence of a complete and modern facilities in the area of the upcoming Solo Techno Park, will have an assortment of integrated organizations which would be managed by a reliable unified management manager.

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Present Condition

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Area Management

Macro Region

Managed by SKPD - BAPPEDA of Surakarta City, includes the regional concept, regional development/ infrastructure, the provision of infrastructure, UPTB management, etc.

  • Mayor's Decree Letter Number: 420/03/1/2009 dated January 13, 2009
  • Surakarta City Regulation Number 14 Year 2011 dated December 15, 2011
  • Mayor Regulation Number 15-P Year 2011 dated December 16, 2011

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Solo Techno Park (STP) area is officially under the management of the local city Government of Surakarta.