IP Address, Functions, and IP Class

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IP AddressIP Address (Internet Protocol address) is a row of 32-bit binary numbers up to 128 bits are used as identification address for each host computer in the Internet network. Figures 32 bits are used for IP Address IPv4 version and a 128-bit number used for IP Address IPv6 version to show the address of a computer on the Internet network based on TCP / IP.

The IP address has to be pronounced numerical identity to a device such as a computer, router or printer is contained in a computer network that uses the Internet protocol as a means of communication.


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Programming Algorithm

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Algoritma PemrogramanThe algorithm is a sequence of logical steps in solving problems systematically arranged. The problem can be anything, with a note to every problem there is a requirement that the initial conditions must be met before running the algorithm.

The concept of the algorithm is often equated with a prescription. A recipe usually have a list of ingredients or spices that will be used, the order of execution, and how the results of the processing sequence. If the material used is not listed (not available), then the prescription will not be workable. Likewise, if the order process is not uniform, then the expected results will not be obtained.

Different algorithms can be applied to a problem with the same conditions. The level of complexity of an algorithm is a measure of how much the algorithm computation required to solve the problem. Generally, the algorithm can solve a problem in a short time has a low level of complexity, while the algorithm that takes a long time to solve a problem requires a high level of complexity.

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Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming

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Object Oriented ProgrammingObject-oriented programming (OOP) is an object-oriented programming to. All data and functions in this paradigm is wrapped in classes or objects. Any object can receive messages, process data, and send messages to other objects.

Object-oriented data model is said to be able to provide more flexibility, ease of changing the program, and is used extensively in large-scale software engineering. Furthermore, support OOP claim that OOP is easier to learn for beginners than the previous approach, and the OOP approach is more easily developed and maintained.


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Definition of Client-Server

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Client Server ArchitectureThe server is a computer system that provides a specific kind of service in a computer network. The server is supported with scalable processor and RAM, also equipped with a special operating system, which is referred to as a network operating system or network operating system. The server also runs the administrative software that controls access to the network and the resources contained therein, as well as file or display devices (printers), and gives access to the workstation network members.

Generally, there is a server operating system on applications that use client / server architecture.

Examples of these applications is a DHCP Server, Mail Server, HTTP Server, FTP Server, DNS Server, and so forth. Each server operating systems generally bundle these services or the services can also be obtained from third parties. Each service will respond to requests from clients.

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Introduction to Web Programming

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Pemrograman WebWeb programming drawn from two syllables, namely programming and web. Programming in English is interpreted programming and processes, how to, or acts program (in Indonesian).

Definition of Web is a computer network that consists of a collection of internet sites that offer text, graphics, sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol. Many people familiar with the term web WWW (World Wide Web), the World Wide Web is the most popular internet service today internet has become a popular and widely used after the WWW service.

WWW is a web pages which can be interconnected to one another (hyperlink) that form the ocean wilderness of information. WWW goes to the protocol HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

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Software Engineering

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Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering is a science or theory working on a software project (software) either create / build a new software or to develop the old software. Many people who can do the encoding software that can truly be called a programmer, but in the process of making the software was done with no systematic resulting software products is weak.

IEEE Computer Society defines software engineering as the application of a systematic approach, disciplined and quantifiable on the development, use and maintenance software, as well as the study of these approaches, namely the application of the above approach to software engineering.

The term software engineering, was first used in the late 1950s and in the early 1960s.

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