Organic Waste "Composting"

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Pencacahan SampahWaste (refuse) is part of something that is not used, disliked or something to be discarded, which is generally derived from activities performed by humans (including industrial activity), but not the biological (due to human waste is not included therein) and generally solid (Anwar, 1990). Waste sources can vary, including: from households, markets, shops, offices, public buildings, industry, and roads.

Development and rapid population growth in urban areas resulted in residential areas increasingly broad and solid. Increased human activity, further causes the increase of garbage. Factors affecting the amount of trash in addition to residents

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Understanding Broadcast & Multimedia

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Multimedia BroadcastingMultimedia is a combination of several elements of text, graphics, sound, video and animation that produces stunning presentations. Here can be described that multimedia is a combination of data or media to convey information so that the information was presented with more interesting.

Multimedia elements, namely text, graphic or image, sound, video and animation

The text is a combination of letters that make up a paragraph or words that describe or discuss a topic and this topic is known as information subtitles. Text can be presented with various forms of models and font size or font.

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What is Video Editing?

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Video EditingVideo editing is an audit process of the video clips resulted from the shooting, where the process is an editor choose or edit the image in video form by cutting the video clips (cut to cut) and then combine the pieces of the video, be a whole video to later become a good video to watch.

In the editing process itself an auditor will add a variety of effects and insert transitions, so the video will look attractive when viewed. Therefore, the editing process became one of the important elements in the cinematography and can not be separated from the world of broadcasting.

In the editing process, it is not enough just to combine images for granted, but a lot of variables that must be known in the editing process, for example: an editor should also be able to give a touch of sense in view of a good camera angle, so that could be a touch of interesting editing.

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Digital Cameras Types

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Jenis Kamera DigitalIt's good as a starter photographer to know the products you want to have a camera that is included in the group of pocket cameras, camera prosummer / ultra zoom, or a DSLR camera, so do not be regret for us because it has the wrong type of camera that we want or we need.

Pocket Camera

This type of camera is a practical camera with a small size can be easily taken anywhere as it can go into the pocket. Pocket camera is also known very practical use because all of its own automatic and does not need a lot of settings when you want to target an object. In general, this camera is easy to use by anyone, even small children can use this type of camera.

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Definition of Photography

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Peralatan FotografiUnderstanding Photography is an art or process of drawing income and light on the film. It is true, mostly if you are looking for a sense of photography is almost the same answer all that painting process using the medium of light.

But the main thing is how to explore the art of photography. After knowing the understanding of photography in general, and what is on your mind about photography?

Photography is an activity or process of producing an art image / photo media light with an instrument called a camera with a specific purpose. (wikipedia)

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How Aircraft Mechanisms Work

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Pesawat Terbang Tipe Airbus A350Aircraft is an aircraft that is heavier than air, fixed wing, and can fly with his own power.

In general, the term is often also referred aircraft by airplane or airplane or simply plane with same purpose as a vehicle capable of flying in the atmosphere or air.

But in the world of aviation, terms of different aircraft with aircraft, aircraft term is much broader sense because it already includes airplanes and helicopters.

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Welding Safety

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Alat Keselamatan Kerja PengelasanMetal discovery was first perceived as a technological advancement that was incredible but on the other hand this new development will lead to a new problem, namely how the process of switching from these metals.

Metal splicing process consists of a connection bolt, rivet connection, the connection folding, forging connections, solder, solder and weld joints (welding). In fabrication, construction and industrial process welded joints is one of the most dominant way / well when compared to other ways of machining work because the process is very practical, cheap and fast.

The use of welding in the construction of increasingly broad that accidents caused by the construction process is also often a lot going on.

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