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Solo Technopark Science Center

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Understanding Science Center

Solo Science CenterSolo Techno Park Science Center is a place that became a tourist destination in the area Solo Technopark dedicated to increasing knowledge about science all visitors of all ages, along with the development and the increasing age of science and technology (science and technology).

Solo Science Center is also a mean for building a culture of science and society through science and technology props displayed, so that every visitor can feel easy it is to learn to understand the concepts and principles of science and technology.

In the Science Center, there are various illustrations and facilities which are very diverse from various fields of science-based learning tools, including Galileo Galilei, the formula Physics, climate change, the game earphones, kinetic garden, garden space, the virus lives, and governance solar. This place can also be used as a learning project for students, college students, and scientists.

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Solo Techno Park (STP) area is officially under the management of the local city Government of Surakarta.